Why You Shouldn’t Buy Desktop PCs from Dell or HP

Personal computers are a necessary part of any business in this day and age. Desktops, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones all play an integral role in businesses both large and small. Chances are, your company has at least one PC for every employee. Computers come in all shapes and sizes. Some businesses are better suited by using laptops, tablets, or other portable electronics. Dell and HP have been leaders in personal home and business computing for decades. They offer quality laptops and great low-end starter desktops. In fact, I have owned both Dell and HP products in my life, and my experience with these products has been very positive for the most part.
However, when it comes to desktop PCs, especially the “high end” performance desktops offered by Dell and HP, the features and benefits are severely lacking. The reasons for these drawbacks are based on the business models of these two juggernauts. Regal Computers offers better value through high quality components used in each and every hand-built desktop PC. Here are four big reasons why you should not buy your next desktop from Dell, HP, or any other large company.

Performance Per Dollar
Dell and HP simply offer poor performance-per-dollar. This is especially true of the so called “performance” computers for which these companies charge thousands of dollars. Dell and HP offer poor performance-per-dollar because they have to make up for large overhead, advertising, and labor costs. If you were to price out and order each component of a Dell computer, you would find that your cost would be approximately half.
Regal Computers offers newer components that perform better than those found in Dell and HP desktops. We can do this because we have a very small budget for advertising, labor, and other overhead costs. This translates to a lower cost and higher performance-per-dollar for you, the customer. You probably won’t be seeing a national Super Bowl spot from us any time soon!

Normalized CPU Performance

Component Quality
As I mentioned briefly above, Dell and HP often times offer outdated and lower performance components with their desktops. The reason for this lies within their business strategy. New and better computer components are released at a furious pace, with new models being developed and released multiple times each year. Even after a few months, the top of the line processor, graphics card, and memory are being replaced by higher performance, more efficient components.  This is thanks to a phenomenon called Moore's Law.  Dell and HP manufacture thousands of PCs a year. Therefore, their units sit on shelves for a long time before being sold. Moreover, Dell and HP have exclusive contracts with certain brands to save money. This means that the components you are buying in your Dell and HP computer are not only likely outdated, but made by a less reputable, poor quality manufacturer.
At Regal Computers, we offer only the highest quality components. We only build with the best brands and the newest product models. In this way, you can be sure that your purchase is built with only the most trusted components and latest technology. This commitment to quality is a very important focus for us. We are not beholden to a certain brand. We simply wish to offer the best, most efficient components. This means a faster, more responsive, and longer lasting product for our customers.

Inside a DellVSInside a Regal Computer

Technical support has undergone a serious change in the past decade. Gone are the times when you could dial an 800 number and speak to an actual person without jumping through a few menu prompts. Even if you do reach a living, breathing human, they are likely talking to you from a country on the other side of the Earth. While the concept of 24/7 phone support is a great notion, it is seldom executed in a worthwhile manner. Personally, this is where I’ve noticed the most problems with Dell and HP in the past. When an issue like a repair is needed, it will typically take weeks to ship, process, and then receive back a working product. Additionally, repairs are so expensive that it often times makes more sense to simply buy a new computer than pay and wait for a repair.
At Regal Computers, we try to avoid the problem of malfunctioning products entirely. By only using the best components, the chances of failure are slim to none.  Failure rates from quality brands is often under 1%.  Furthermore, by building and testing by hand before we ship to the customer, we can personally ensure that every component is in working order. We guarantee that your computer will operate right out of the box.

Typical Customer Support Call Center

“Bloatware” is a slang phrase that refers to often useless software that takes up considerable disk space, memory, and computer resources to install and run. A great example of bloatware is the infamous McAfee security suite. This anti-virus software commonly came pre-installed on Intel based computers. However, the program failed to offer even the most basic protection and caused computers to crash and become infected with viruses and malware. Because the program was included on many computers, users were often confused and pestered by messages trying to sell them even more software. Eventually, many users either ignored or uninstalled McAfee altogether. Ironically, this would lead to their computers becoming infected with more viruses and malware. By including programs like McAfee pre-installed, Dell and HP likely made a pretty penny on registrations and memberships without doing much work.
While this might be considered a genius business strategy, Regal Computers stands firmly against unnecessary bloatware. This fact is often overlooked when buying from a company like Dell or HP. Rest assured, any computer you buy from us will be virtually free of all but the most essential software. Our buying process is straightforward. We don’t offer many bells and whistles because we know they are usually ignored and unused. We offer only a free anti-virus pre-installed which the customer can use or uninstall at his own discretion.


While Dell and HP offer great laptop options and desktops for a strict budget, they are severely lacking when it comes to high end desktop computers. More likely than not, a Dell or HP computer will offer poor performance-per-dollar, low-quality components, sluggish support, and annoying bloatware. At Regal Computers, we offer our products to be better than Dell and HP. This is why all of our products are simple and hand-built with only the best, fastest, and most cutting edge components.