A Look at the Regal Computers Build Process



At Regal Computers, we take great pride in providing high quality, custom video editing computers at a great value for our customers.  How do we offer such high quality products?  The answer lies in a three step process that involves selecting the best hardware to suit our customers’ needs, assembling the PC using best practices, and stress testing to ensure that the computer runs optimally.  These three steps consecutively let us build, test, and ship the best PCs in under a week right to your front door.  While the approach is simple, there are crucial details that guarantee we are able to provide such excellent customer service.  This article looks at the three steps mentioned above and explores the particulars of each one.


Creating a Custom Build List

Build List

Many of our customers come to Regal Computers because they cannot find what they are looking for anywhere else.  In a world with dozens of brands of graphics cards, RAM, and a nearly infinite number of hardware configurations, it is sometimes hard to slice through the noise.  This is why we offer a simple contact form on our website that asks a few basic questions and takes less than two minutes to fill out.  Once received, we reply via email with a custom build list, an easy to follow outline of all hardware components, which is personalized to our customers’ needs.  This lays out all components and some main features in a simple list that our customers can easily review.  Then, a back forth exchange of emails can answer any and all questions a customer might have about his custom PC.  Once satisfied, a final review occurs before the customer places his order.  While this may seem like a lots of extra steps, we at Regal Computers feel it is completely necessary to provide the customer with the absolutely ideal computer and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that additional care has gone into crafting a custom PC that is the perfect fit.


Assembling a Custom Build


After the custom build list is reviewed and the customer places an order, our team prepares to assemble the PC.  While we keep some components on hand at Regal Computers, many custom PC builds feature additional or exclusive hardware parts.  We order these separately, allowing us to continually offer the newest, most cutting edge components.  Once all components have been gathered, the PC is assembled by hand following a strict order.  By taking this ordered approach and checking that all components are powered and being recognized by the motherboard, we can quickly identify if there are any problems or in very rare instances, if any individual component has failed out of the box.  Once identified, these components can be replaced quickly.  This measured approach also permits us to best configure and connect wires to ensure optimal airflow.  How loose wires are organized, routed, and tied down makes a huge impact to airflow and really gives a clean look to the overall innards of the build.  Most wires are secured behind the motherboard under the outer panel of the case.  This opens up space for air to flow properly over the graphics card, CPU, and RAM with cool air being pulled in from the bottom and front of the case, and exhausted out of the top and back.


Stress Testing and Packaging

 Stress Testing

While you might think that assembly is the last and most vital step in the custom build process, it is dwarfed in importance by the stress testing and packaging step.  In order to see that all hardware is running optimally, it is crucial that every Regal Computer go through a thorough, non-destructive gauntlet of stress testing.  We use HWMonitor as the basic diagnostic monitoring tool as well as Realbench for real world CPU performance, Furmark for GPU stability testing, and Crystal Disk Mark for testing storage drives.  All of these software are available for free and allow multiple passes to ensure that the system is running in a stable condition.  Moreover, each software has built in protocols that stop testing if critical hardware temperatures are reached, meaning that components will not be damaged by testing.  Typically, testing can take 8 hours or more depending on results.  Once thoroughly tested, our PCs are packed watertight in an oversized box and covered with several inches of bubble wrap.  Miscellaneous hardware, extra cables, manuals, or discs are also packed away securely to guarantee that any mishandling of the package results in no damage to the PC.  Our customers may find the unpacking experience a bit tedious with all the seemingly redundant layers of packing material, but the extra care we take in packaging and shipping serves as a safeguard against the perils of the sometimes unpredictable world of package delivery.  Above all else, our goal is to get a customer’s PC to his door on time and in one piece.



The three step process we follow at Regal Computers to create, build, and test and ship is something we believe is tremendously important to facilitate customer satisfaction.  This is why we keep our contact form simple and offer easy to follow build lists to our customers so that they can see an itemized description of exactly what hardware components are going into their custom PC.  This review eliminates all guess work and assumptions for our customers and allows communications between parties to be easily understood.  This ordered list also enables an easy to follow assembly process and makes it so that every component is accounted for and placed into the build in due order.  Careful attention is paid to wire routing so that optimal airflow can be achieved, ensuring that all components will run at peak performance.  Once assembled, serious but non-destructive stress testing is performed so that we can be confident that all components will withstand whatever workload is thrown at the PC.  Lastly, we package our PCs using utmost precaution with redundant layers of insulation.  All of these steps are followed so that your computer is delivered quickly in one piece and performing in top condition.  This process delivers high quality PCs at exceptional value, and we pride ourselves on providing these results.