The Top Three Reasons Why the Regal Computer Warranty is Better Than Both Dell and HP Warranties


At Regal Computers, we are often asked by our customers about our warranty and support service.  Customers are concerned with what type of coverage they have on a specific part or how we diagnose and solve problems.  They might ask who to contact if they run into problems, what our return policy looks like, or how the return process works.  At Regal Computers, we strive to make owning a Regal Computer as simple as possible.  That’s why we’ve outlined the top three reasons why we offer better post-purchase support than Dell and HP.  Read below and compare for yourself.  If you want to know what really sets us apart, skip ahead to #1.


3.  You Know Exactly What You Are Getting

Dell and HP have long-winded terms and explanations behind their policies.  Indeed, even finding up-to-date details on technical support is a difficult task.  After much searching, we have found policies for both Dell and HP if you care to read them.  Both companies offer a limited warranty period, general terms, and PDF files filled with pages upon pages of Terms and Conditions.  While there is a tremendous amount of information to be digested, most of it is written in difficult to understand legal speak.  Indeed, the last thing HP or Dell want to do is have to offer a refund or initiate an RMA as it costs them both time and money.  There are very strict exclusions and technicalities that shift responsibility from the company onto the buyer.  They void any claim in which an unauthorized action was taken or an unsupported software product was used.  It seems that both HP and Dell have a goal to deny most any warranty claim.  At Regal Computers, we offer very basic warranty returns.  We guarantee all hardware for one year from the date of purchase so long as it is used as recommended.  Any hardware failure as a result of normal use is covered, plain and simple.


2.  We Offer Simple and Fast Support


At Regal Computers, our fast support and response are different than Dell and HP.  Indeed, we have no waiting periods for servicing or a 10-14 day mail-in service like Dell.  We also don’t ask you for information such as serial number, operating system, or purchase date as we keep all such information on file and readily accessible.  Rather, we start by diagnosing support via email (all of which is returned within 24 hours).  From here, we are usually able to diagnose the problem and offer fixes.  Over 95% of customers’ problems and questions are resolved with a single email response.  We try to avoid costly and time consuming processes such as RMAs.  If a customer is savvy enough, we often offer self-help solutions that enable the customer to fix or repair a PC without sending the PC back to us.  These solutions save time and money for the customer.  However, most of our customers never contact us about service, and that is because of a philosophy which is explained in the next paragraph.


1.  We Use Only High Quality Components and Thoroughly Stress Test Each Component Before Shipping


At the core of our company lies a philosophy about support that is not shared by the likes of Dell or HP.  At Regal Computers, we recognize that any time spent on support or repair is time that is taken from customer production.  Anybody who has ever sent a PC or other piece of electronics back to the seller for repair knows how excruciating an experience it is.  Often times, solutions are so simple, but due to policy, they are complicated endlessly with red tape, unnecessary procedures, and time consuming delays.  At Regal Computers, we’ve therefore decided that the best approach to offering support is to ensure that it is rarely needed.  This is why we carefully select the components we use in our PCs.  We spend the time scouring benchmarks and reading product reviews so we know that we are selecting the best, most reliable parts before putting them in our computers.  This type of research is thorough and not easy, but it ultimately saves countless hours and dollars in the future.  However, selecting the best parts is only one part of the equation: the other is stress testing.  No matter how reliable a part has proven to be in the past, hardware failure can occur in any part at any time.  It’s simply a numbers game and there will always be the odd piece of faulty hardware.  So how is such a random problem eliminated?  Simple, by stress testing.  At Regal Computers, we use open source software to stress the components we build with.  Though rigorous, this type of testing is non-destructive, meaning that no damage is done to the components during testing.  Such stress testing can nearly always detect a piece of faulty hardware.  When this occurs, it is easily removed and replaced by a working component.


There are multiple reasons why Regal Computers offers a great warranty.  While one might think that Dell or HP offers solid, simple warranties, there are often hidden terms of service or complicated return procedures that offer more in the way of headaches than solutions.  Regal Computers keeps it simple, fast, and straightforward.  Indeed, we’ve determined that the best type of service is preventative.  That is, we take extra care and precaution to ensure that our components have a miniscule chance of failure.  We do this through a two-step process that includes thorough component research and non-destructive stress testing.  This way, we are able to identify problematic components in house and preemptively replace them.  All of this is done before the customer even receives his PC.  Such care virtually eliminates the need for post purchase support as every consideration has been checked and tested so that the customer can rest easy.  Indeed, the best kind of support service is one that you will never need.  This is the core principle that puts Regal Computers ahead of its competitors.