Three Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Custom Video Editing PC


At one point or another, every designer, hobbyist, and post-production editor is exposed to the idea of building or buying a custom video editing PC.  Colleagues, forum posters, and friends boast of their speed and tenacity, making it quite tempting to purchase one of your own.  However, a practical and well-thought out decision is often the best approach to take when making your first purchase.

Customers in the pre-purchase stage of buying often ask us, "Is this something I really need," or  "What do I need to consider before buying a custom PC," or "Where do I receive post-purchase support?"  In this article, we have outlined three important thoughts to consider when making your decision.

The Biggest Reason For Going Custom


The most compelling argument for going with a custom video editing PC is simple:  it is tailored for you.  You are never left thinking, "I wish I had gone with the faster processor instead of the extra storage."  A custom-built PC solves common buyers' remorse because you build the computer to your exact specifications and needs.  To use an analogy: you can buy a business suit in a department store, or you can go to a tailor.  Choosing between that “big box brand” and a custom PC is the difference between "acceptable" and "wow."

Sometimes our professions and interests push us into needing a PC that is more sophisticated because most businesses run on tight deadlines.  As, the old saying goes, “time is money.”  Statistically, five days a year are spent waiting for your off-the-shelf computer to process clips, sounds, and design implementations (source:  That’s a full 40 hours of potential production down the drain.  Some reports show a loss of 44 hours, while some estimate this loss as high as 63 hours annually.  Taken over the life of a computer, you could be losing a month or more.  How many thousands of dollars does this equate to?  This is alarming even without mentioning the mental aggravation of sitting in front of a stuttering, hiccupping computer.  Imagine having a custom PC that gives you back this lost time.  Even a high end computer would pay for itself several times over.  This is why true professionals go custom.

Three Actions to Ensure a Sound Purchase Decision

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If you’ve read this far into the article, it’s a good chance that a custom video editing PC is right for you.  On the flip side, you still want to make a sound purchase.  We have put together a few actionable steps and considerations to help in your decision and to make your purchase much easier.  In no particular order, let’s discuss them.

Do Your Research

We can’t stress this enough as the first and foremost important consideration: go with a reputable buyer.  In custom computing, you pay for what you get.  Find out what other people are saying about the builders before buying.  Discover which processors are the best.  The internet is great for seeking opinions such as these.  Social proof and reputation go a long way.  Go with the builder that spends time with you and answers your questions.  With Regal Computers, there is no need to feel hesitant about making a purchase.  Don’t take our word for it, read what our customers from all over the U.S. are saying.

After looking at the builder’s reviews and testimonials, take a look at the components they use to build their PCs.  Do they use quality parts that are known for extraordinary capabilities or are you seeing cheap and poorly made parts?  You want your computer to stand the test of time.

Be realistic about your price range.  Look around for reputable computer builders who not only understand the finite details of video editing computer components, but ones that understand the video editing business and process.  They will meet your needs better than a generalist.

Seek Out the Best Value

Companies like Dell and HP offer general “business PCs.”  These PCs are great for performing a wide variety of common tasks.  In other words, they are adequate.  However, video editors and media creators need a PC that can handle more specific, simultaneous tasks such as rendering, adding visual effects, and adding transitions.  Are you curious how Regal Computers stacks up against HP in terms of value?  This blog article will show you how you can save hundreds by buying with us.

Assess Your Actual Needs

When we say “actual needs,” we mean that you should buy a custom video editing PC that meets your needs: no more, no less.  Why buy a Ford Fiesta when you really need an F-250 or vice versa?  Are you a casual video editor who is more of a social media hobbyist or are you a full-stack post-production engineer?  Do you work several hours in a row or in shorter bursts?  What software do you need in order to be completely productive and effective?  Do you work with hours of video at a time or clips of only a few minutes in length?  These are the types of questions we ask our customers, as they help us to better understand actual needs.  Unsure of what you need?  No problem: simply drop us a line via our contact form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Recap and Conclusion


First and foremost, going with a custom video editing PC helps you edge out the competition through efficiency; your processing times are less and you can run several high-memory consuming programs at once.  If it sounds like a dream, it isn’t.  A computer custom-fit to your specifications and needs is the way to go.

Secondly, make a sound and reasonable choice.  There are many considerations such as builder reputation and expertise, points of value, and post-purchase support options to think about.  In short, go with the best builder who uses high-quality components and understands your business’s needs.

If you are considering the purchase of a custom video editing PC, feel free to contact us.  Our approach is simple:  meet the needs of our customers through personalized service and build our computers with high quality components.  We know the needs of a professional post-production editor inside and out, which means that we can ensure a perfect fit and understand the language you speak. 

In closing, we invite you to check out our blog and read our FAQ to assist you further in the purchase of a brand new, custom-built video editing PC.  These are great resources that help our customers answer many common questions.

Thanks for reading.


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